About Vertrax

For 15+ years, Vertrax has been working with truckers, dispatchers, and business owners to develop top-of-the-line technology solutions that deliver results. With our cloud-based, mobile logistics solutions for the retail propane, lubricant, and fuel oil industries; full load management solution for bulk hauling of all commodities; and sonar powered remote tank monitoring service, we provide everything you need to optimize your fleet and/or operation throughout the supply chain and have full visibility.

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Vertrax technology is simple to implement and can reduce per-delivery costs by as much as 30%.

  • 30%

Customers report profit increases of 40+ percent per vehicle, per year

  • 40%

Vertrax offers round-the-clock support and every one of our engineers are based here in the United States.
If you’re ready for quicker pick-ups and drop-offs, smarter routes, and a better bottom line, contact us today and schedule your FREE demo.

Vertrax Tank Monitoring Service – The Only True Sonar Tank Monitoring Service

Vertrax Tank Monitoring Service eliminates the need for “Read Ready Gauges” and allows for a meaningful and scalable deployment to any tanks, of any age, in any condition, in any location. Officially launching in Summer 2019.

Deployed and Managed by Vertrax

Predictive Forecasting

Custom Branded Consumer and Supplier Apps

Real-Time, Always Accurate Liquid Level Readings

Powered By Amazon AWS

Integrates Directly With Smartdrops

Smartdrops – The Solution for Propane and Fuel Oil Fleets

Smartdrops optimizes retail propane and fuel oil delivery fleets.


Automated Invoices

Automatic Fuel Dispense

Information Kept Up-To-Date

Minimizing Trucks and Operational Staff

Maximize Efficiency

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Integrated With Back Office Software

Live Delivery Management

Welltrax – The Solution for Bulk Commodity Fleets

Welltrax optimizes crude, sand, water, NGL, chemicals, gravel and other bulk commodities

Drag and Drop Dispatching

Electronic Ticketing

Load Management

Robust Reporting

Real-Time Load and Asset Tracking

ELD/Telematics Integrations


What Our Customers Say

  • Vertrax provides the most technologically advanced and integrated Mobile solution in the fuel industry. Their Mobile Platform is light-years ahead of the competition – and Vertrax will keep it that way. The Return on Investment is massive and they are a great company to partner with.
  • Few, if any investments we’ve made have delivered such immediate, real and measurable results. In dollars and cents, payback exceeded our most optimistic projections. We delivered 17% more gallons with the same number of bobtails and traveled 70,000 fewer miles. At over $4.50 per mile, you do the math!
  • Dylan Scott
    Welltrax has allowed our organization to operate as we felt it should. We no longer have to adjust to our system. Welltrax adjusts to us.
    Dylan Scott
    Transportation Manager, Guardian Oilfield Services

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Vertrax was created by truckers, for truckers. We took our insights from across the industry and developed products that help your fleets deliver smart and swift results. If you’re ready to see what Vertrax can do for your team, schedule a demo with us today!