Cloud vs. Non-Cloud Based Logistics Technology

for the Oil & Gas Industry

Cloud-based technology is the future of transportation software. The advantages it holds over traditional methods are innumerable, lending itself to garner a much higher return on investment in a relatively short amount of time. Do you feel the philosophy “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” fits with your current technology situation? Take a look at this matrix and you might just change your mind.

Cloud Technology

Non-Cloud Technology

Lower Costs of Ownership

No IT maintenance costs and storage costs continue to decrease as technology advantage

Increased Overhead

Need dedicated personnel with specific knowledge of processes for installation and upkeep

1-Day Implementation

Deploy the software instantly once devices have been configured

High Cost of Implementation

Lengthy go-live processes governed by bulky equipment installation but require 3rd party assistance

Scalability for Your Growing Business

When more space is needed, purchase it on the cloud

Tough to Scale

Requires even more equipment and space as your organization grows

"Always Up"

Regardless of equipment or environmental issues, data is preserved and information security is maintained

Poor User Experience

Lag between systems and equipment sync-up can be frustrating for employees and cause inefficiency in day-to-day operations


Can access your information anywhere there is an internet connection

Limited Accessibility

Have to be on-premise to access your information

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