The Bulk Commodity Trucking Software Solution for Oil, Gas & Propane Trucking

Welltrax is the cloud-based, bulk commodity trucking software solution that allows you to make smarter decisions, manage processes more effectively, and optimize your business — all in real-time.

Easy to use. Feature Rich. Highly Customizable.

Learn how Welltrax helps bulk commodity transporters:

Setup and Create

Load Management

Dispatch and Track

Review and Report

Invoice and Payroll

Setup and Create

Create, manage and standardize all key components of the operation in a centralized system

  • Pickup and Drop Off Locations
  • Operators and Yards
  • Driver and Contractors
  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Customers and Rate Sheets
  • All Compliance Documents

Load Management

Load Management Made Easy

  • Easy Single Load Entry
  • Mass Import Loads Via Excel Spreadsheet
  • Intuitive Split Load Management
  • Loaded Miles Between Pickup and Drop Off Locations
  • Email Drivers Shifts
  • Verify Drop Off Nominations

Dispatch and Track

Dispatching Is Now A Breeze

  • Assisted Dispatch & Route Optimization
  • Real-time Visibility of the Fleet and Ticket Information
  • Drag and Drop Dispatch Board
  • Single Screen Interface to See All Available Drivers and Loads
  • Monitor Driver’s Remaining Available Hours

Review and Report

Review, Reconcile and Communicate Loads

  • Single Screen to Review all Load/Ticket Information
  • Dynamic Search and Filtering
  • Export Run Ticket Information to Excel or PDF
  • Customer Formatted Templates and Automated Reports
  • Email Daily Driver Shift Schedule

Invoice and Payroll

Simplified summaries and driver settlements

  • Create a Summary Invoice
  • Customer Specific Headers and Forms
  • Create Custom Cover Summary Sheets
  • Create Driver Settlements at Once for a Specific Pay Duration
  • Ability to group Drivers by Pay Tier
  • Export Summary and Detail with a Single Click

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Welltrax has the tools to deliver the best results

Assisted Dispatch/Route Optimization

Welltrax does the thinking for you with its Assisted Dispatch feature. Loads are automatically sorted to maximize loaded miles and minimize deadhead.

Electronic Ticketing

Eliminate paper run tickets and messy hand writing. Drivers can print electronic run tickets in the field and send all load data back to the portal in real-time.

Simple Driver Workflow

Driver adoption is fast and easy with our logical driver work flow. Ticket validation occurs before run tickets are even printed to eliminate reconciliation issues.

ELD / HOS / Telematics

Welltrax can integrate with your HOS provider to display drivers’ hours of service on the dispatch board and throughout the driver workflow. We currently have an integration with leading ELD provider Geotab.

One Version of the Truth

All pertinent company information in one centralized place. Company pick up and drop off information in a central system housed along with the driver, truck and trailer information.

Dynamic Pick up and Drop Off Tickets

Customize the driver workflow to mirror how your business operates. Customizations are easy and flow throughout the entire Welltrax platform, from pick up and drop off ticketing to reporting.

Welltrax integrates seamlessly with various tools to allow you to streamline your operations even more. Take a look below at our partners and discover the features and benefits that can help grow your business.

For less than 1% of revenue, Welltrax can run your operation and drive the efficiency needed to grow and scale.

Welltrax Partners & Integrations

See how Welltrax streamlined deliveries for the crude oil market.

Plug and Play Setup

Installation will take less than 10 minutes and all devices arrive configured by Welltrax

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