Why Use Vertrax for Your Trucking Logistics?

Vertrax is the leading provider of Supply Chain Management solutions within the oil and gas bulk liquid distribution supply chain – from bulk hauling of crude oil, water, NGLs, and propane, to “last mile” retail propane and fuel oil delivery, to sonar-based liquid inventory management and monitoring focused on residential and commercial consumers and suppliers – our solutions drive optimization and never before seen visibility, value-add analytics, and insight.

Explore Vertrax’s SaaS Pricing

Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing is a flexible subscription pricing model. Instead of signing a long-term contract, simply pay the monthly cost plus a small equipment fee. This model helps you avoid upfront costs like fees for setup, training, hardware, and IT support. It also allows for predictable expenses and reduces risk of incurred costs by operating through a reliable and secure web browser, helping you to avoid service interruptions or security incidents. 

At any point in your subscription, you can adjust capacity and discontinue or restart the subscription. Knowing you have this flexibility will empower your fleet and encourage providers to maintain first class technology. The SaaS model is the most cost-effective option for securing a high ROI and maintaining an effective fleet.

Vertrax provides the most technologically advanced and integrated Mobile solution in the fuel industry. Their Mobile Platform is light-years ahead of the competition – and Vertrax will keep it that way. The Return on Investment is massive and they are a great company to partner with.

Vertrax Customer

Few, if any investments we’ve made have delivered such immediate, real and measurable results. In dollars and cents, payback exceeded our most optimistic projections. We delivered 17% more gallons with the same number of bobtails and traveled 70,000 fewer miles. At over $4.50 per mile, you do the math!

Smartdrops Customer

Are you ready to take your fleet performance to the next level?